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Physical Therapist
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Prime Movement was started by a physical therapist that believes there is a different way to do things than what is currently being practiced in our healthcare system today. A majority of our healthcare is focused on waiting for something to go wrong and reacting. The goal of Prime Movement is to help people take command of their health and fitness by teaching them how to use their body the way it was built to be used. By applying principles of both physical therapy and strength and conditioning we look to unlock the human potential to increase physical capacity, reduce risk of injury, and create Prime Movers that can continue to do the things they love and perform at their highest potential.


Do you have pain, lack of skill, or weakness preventing you from performing at your best and preventing you from maximizing your health, fitness, or sports performance? Not sure where to go for help. Take advantage of a chance to discuss your problems with a licensed physical therapist that has a sports medicine and strength and conditioning background. At Prime Movement we offer a free Discovery Session in which we go through a full body mobility screen and movement screen tailor made to determine what deficiencies that you have that may be preventing you from reaching your goals or potential.  We will then work with you to determine what is the best course of action for you to address these issues.


Call at (319) 333-0478 or email at


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