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PRO-FIT'S ATHLETE ACADEMY® is for any athlete wanting to maximize their abilities and become a champion. Whether you’re a professional athlete or going into junior high, we will teach you the skills needed in-order to increase your level of success. From training at Pro-Fit, you will move faster, react quickly, and be more explosive. Our unique long-term Athlete Performance Model enables athletes to continue to increase their physical abilities. This model is proven by the numerous athletes that have excelled in their sports including: 80+ college scholarships, 60+ Division I, and 14 high school state championships won.


Our sessions include pre/post testing, performance training customizes to the individual needs of the athlete and their sport, as well as nutritional guidance for athletes.


Join our daily CrossFit program - the perfect blend of strength, power and conditioning for the developing athlete.  Learn from seasoned coaches in the Olympic lifts and gymnastics movements to advance your power, core strength, and coordination. We encourage athletes to train daily in the off-season and 2-3x/week during your seasonal sports.


Cost: $139/mo (month to month)


Better your on-court and field speed, as well as your change of direction.  Our sessions are filled with teaching the sprints.  You will learn how to better your first step and make significant improvements in acceleration and deceleration.  Learn the fundamentals and advance your athletic ability.  


Each running session is complemented with strength and explosive movements in the weight room.  Again, these sessions are tailored to the athlete and the sports they play.  We use kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and barbells.  Additionally, by learning in small group of athletes each junior high athlete will be ready to express good technique inside and outside the weight-room when they are required to train in high school.


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YOUTH development

Pro-Fit’s Youth Athlete Development (age 7-11) Sessions teach general movements to be able to run, jump, throw, change direction and master their body weights to get stronger.  Each session has a focus that is explained and practiced. This age is the best time to expose kids “how” to use their bodies to be better in sport. These “sensitive period” are the periods in human life when the organs and systems that determine a given ability are undergoing intensive development. Coordination (balance, rhythm, reaction, spatial awareness, kinesthetic differentiation) quickness and speed cannot be emphasized enough.  


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Small group training 3-4 athletes. Work closely with Athlete Performance Coach Aaron Larmore. Advance speed, agility and quickness through improved mechanics and strength. Programs are tailored to the developmental needs of each athlete. Aaron works alongside only a small few athletes to advocate for better confidence & improved lifestyles which leads to better health and enhanced performance in their sports.


Time: 6a, 7a, 3:45p, 4:45p, 5:45p, 6:45p


Session times fill up quickly. For more information contact Aaron at:


Bring the Athlete Academy® into your school, giving your athletes and teams the best opportunity for success. Pro-Fit will provide a training program that will work for all athletes and sports, strategize a plan to optimize teams workout sessions in the weight room, and increase camaraderie amongst athletes and staff. Your team will increase their success with strength, speed, and explosiveness. With Pro-Fit’s unique long-term performance model athletes will continue to increase their physical abilities.

Our sessions include pre/post testing, performance training customizes to the individual needs of the athlete and their sport, as well as nutritional guidance for athletes.